Saturday, November 15, 2008

ZoT Menu


Flemish Cheese Croquettes

Bouchée of Escargots "Kasteel Rouge"

Herb-roasted Bone Marrow

Mussels Gratin "Chimay Cheese"

Frisée with Applewood-smoked Bacon

White/Green Asparagus "a la Flamande"

Simple Greens & Herbs Salad

Belgian Endive, Apples, Candied Walnuts, Floris Apple Bier Dressing

Brioche & Wild Mushrooms Ragout


Mussel Safran Soup

Orval Onion Soup

Potato, Smoked Bacon and Leek Soup


New York Strip    Free Range Chicken Breast

Filet Mignon Hanging Tender

Rump Steak (Pave) Porc Loin

Lamb Chop Duck Magret

Kangaroo Ostrich

Rib-Eye Bison

Flatiron Steak T-Bone 

Sweet Breads Merguez

Wild Boar Sausage Boudin Blanc

Blood Sausage




Béarnaise: butter & yolk emulsion with vinegar reduction & tarragon

Provencal: stewed bell peppers, garlic, & tomatoes

Tarragon Crème: creamy & herbed with tarragon

Green Peppercorn: creamy & dotted with Madagascar green peppercorns

Black Pepper: spicy black pepper flambéed with brandy

Archiduc: creamy mushroom

Dijon: mustard-laden cream

Americain: pureed tomatoes, herbs de provence, harissa

Piccadilly: pickled veggies with a touch of turmeric

Beurre Maitre d'Hotel: herbed garlic butter

Choron: béarnaise tinted with tomato

Gypsy: espagnole with herbs de provence & sundried tomatoes

Bordelaise: reduction of red wine and sjallots

Caper: caper beurre blanc

Hungarian Paprika: soubise with paprika & cream

Jamaican Curry: curried cream sauce

Pennsylvania Goat Cheese: goat cheese folded into a bercy sauce

Spinach Garlic: creamy puree of spinach & garlic

Creamy Delirium: bercy with delirium tremens

Tomato Harissa: tomato puree spiked with harissa

Tierenteyn Mustard: Belgian grain mustard

Blue Cheese: PA blue cheese cream


Pommes Friets Sautéed Spinach

Garlic Friets Tomato Provencal

Pommes Croquettes Brussels Sprouts

Pommes Puree Braised Red Cabbage

Rice Stewed Carrots

Pommes Gratin Asparagus

Herb-Roasted Potatoes Braised Endive

Stoemp-Carrots Stoemp-Brussels Sprouts

Stoemp-Leek Stoemp-Bacon

Risotto Wild Mushroom



Carbonnade Flamande with Friets: Belgian Bier Beef Stew

Frikadellen: Belgian Meatballs stewed in Bier Tomato Sauce

Waterzooi of Chicken or Seafood

Freshwater Eels braised, Wit Bier & 14 Herbs

Chicons au Gratin: Ham-wrapped Endive, Swiss Cheese Gratin

Lambic-Braised Konijn (Bunny)

Bison Burger Zot: BLT, Sunny-Side up Egg on Brioche

Spaghetti Bolognese with Ale


2 kilo with friets, 28$

1 kilo with friets, 18$

1/2 kilo, 10$

Beer~Mariniere Beer, Herbs, & Spices

Poulette Herbs, Spices, touch of Cream

Tarragon Crème Tarragon & Cream

Provencal Bell Peppers, Garlic & Tomato

Green Peppercorn Pernod, Fennel & Madagascar

Green Peppercorns

Bruxelles Bacon, Beer, Garlic, Goat Cheese

& Leeks

Mushroom Crème Button Mushrooms & Cream

Dill Dill & Cream

Bebert Smoked Salmon, Spinach, Cream

& Capers

Lavandou Lavender & Honey

Dijonnaise Dijon Mustard

Greek Feta, Olives & Tomato

Red Devil Harissa, Beer & Tomato

Italian Garlic, Basil, Tomato & Capers

Garlic, Garlic Garlic and more Garlic & Cream

English Salt, Vinegar & Beer

Northern Irish Guinness, Potatoes & Sprouts

Philippiene Crabfat & Calamansi

Jamaican Coconut Milk, Curry & Red Stripe

Pop-Eye Spinach, Garlic & Horseradish

Bangkok Lemongrass, Cilantro & Ginger

Russian Vodka, Horseradish & Red


Snob Lobster Bisque, Cream & Cognac

Xo-Chitl (So-Cheet) Longaniza, Mexican Herbs & Spices

Rosemary Rosemary & White Wine

Swiss Kirsch & Swiss Cheese

Southern Irish Irish Whiskey, Chervil & Parsley

Red Wine Red Wine & Shallots

Hoegaarden Hoegaarden Bier & Oranges

Root Beer Root Beer & Cream

BBQ Smoky & Spicy

Kymchee Spicy fermented Cabbage

Marinara Ripe Crushed Tomato Sauce

Spaniard Spanish Paprika & Rioja

Chinese 5-spice & Teriyaki Sauce

Philly Shaved Beef & Cheddar

Margarita Tequila, Lime, & Jalapeno

Japanese Sake, Ginger, & Wasabi

New Orleans Cajun Spices

Jim Beam Beef Jerky

Truffled Mushrooms & Truffle Oil

Aphrodisiac Caviar & Champagne

Chocolat Callebout Chocolate & Zot Bier

Gorgonzola Sambuca & Gorgonzola cheese

Munich Boudin Blanc & Sauerkraut

Tierenteyn Belgian Grain Mustard

Hawaiian Pineapple, Bacon, Coconut Milk

Mojito Rum, Mint, Lime, & Sugarcane

Valentino Grand Marnier, Saffron, Orange

Voodoo Sachet of Magic Herbs & Spices

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